Initiation Rites 2018

One of the key objectives of the Quan Zhen Cultural Society is to “continue the lineage of the Taoist Complete Perfection Dragon Gate Tradition and to teach the orthodox teachings and rituals” and to “ordain Taoist priests to serve the religious needs of the Taoist community” (Refer to Article 4 of the Constitution).

The Quan Zhen Cultural Society conducted the first Initiation Ceremony on 31 March 2018 at our Centre.

Congratulations to our first batch of disciples!

Quan Zhen Cultural Society Initiation Rites

主席:刘培华(惟星)道长 【新加坡全真教化协会主席】
导师:庄光栋(惟义)道长 【新加坡全真教化协会经忏导师】
见证:谢国华(惟忠)道长 【贤当宫经忏团经忏导师】

Chairman: Master Liu Peihua
Tutor-of-Rites: Master Chung Kwang Tong
Witness: Master Chia Kok Hwa (Tutor-of-Rites, Hiang Tong Keng Scripture Chanting Group)

We would like to express our sincere appreciate to Master Chia for witnessing the ceremony and for his support.

Successful Candidates:

  1. 陈秀玉
  2. 符秀梅
  3. 何鑫壕
  4. 凌嘉仁
  5. 吴伟杰
  6. 萬美伶

The Ordination Ceremony will be decided on a later date (end 2018).