The full air-conditioned classroom  at The Grandstand can accommodate about 20 students comfortably.  It is equipped with the necessary implements to train priests in the rituals, and also to learn Scripture chanting.

An altar dedicated to the Three Grandmasters of the Quan Zhen Tradition (Grandmaster Lu Dongbin, Grandmaster Wang Chongyang, Grandmaster Qiu Changchun) sits in the centre of the classroom. Respect is an important value in Taoism, and students will pay their respects to the Grandmasters before commencing any lesson. 

The Society also keeps a collection of Taoist books and scriptures. All the scriptures and ritual texts are transmitted by the Fung Ying Seen Koon in Hong Kong. 

There is also a simple recreation corner for members to relax, have discussions, and enjoy tea. 

A sharing session by Master Leung with the students 

The Society’s office is not open to the public. Members may bring guests to visit the premise. The Society’s Constitution states that:

15. Visitors and Guests

Visitors and guests may be admitted into the premises of the Society but they shall not be admitted into the privileges of the Society.  All visitors and guests shall abide by the Society‚Äôs rules and regulations.

If you are keen to visit the centre, kindly contact us at to schedule an appointment.