The logo of the Quan Zhen Cultural Society (Approved by the ROS)

The alchemy furnace forming the Chinese characters “Quan Zhen” represents the focus of the Quan Zhen School of Taoism in Internal Alchemy. The Quan Zhen Tradition focuses on the internal cultivation of the practitioner to attain the state of Wu Wei, and to establish the harmony between Man and the Dao.

The character “Quan Zhen” includes the Hexagram “Tai” (泰卦), which simply means Prosperity, with progress and success. (彖曰:泰,小往大来,吉亨。则是天地交,而万物通也;上下交,而其志同也。内阳而外阴,内健而外顺,内君子而外小人,君子道长,小人道消也。)

The incorporation of the Hexagram “Tai” also resembles the logo of the Fung Ying Seen Koon (Hong Kong). This reflected the Fung Ying Seen Koon as the Ancestral Temple of our founding members, and the close links with Fung Ying Seen Koon in the religious lineage. 

The background is the symbol of the Supreme Ultimate, also known as the “Taiji”. It highlight the focus on Taoist spirituality.

The White and Black colours of the logo represents the Yin and Yang energies – a fundamental belief in Taoism.


[Section 13 of the Societies Act stipulates that it is an offence for a registered society to use any flag, symbol, emblem, badge or other insignia without the prior approval of the Registrar or an Assistant Registrar of the Societies.]