Scripture Chanting Class

The Scripture Chanting Class if one of the key activity of the Quan Zhen Cultural Society (Singapore). The Society adheres to the traditions of the Taoist Quan Zhen Longmen (Complete Perfection Dragon Gate) Tradition, and follows the rituals practiced at the Fung Ying Seen Koon in Hong Kong.

The tutor-of-rites (经忏导师) of the Quan Zhen Cultural Society (Singapore) is Master Chung Kwang Tong (Wei Yi), an 34th generation ordained priest of the lineage of Quan Zhen Longmen Tradition. Master Chung started his religious training in 2000, and was ordained as a Taoist priest in 2003. He became formal disciple to Master Leung Tak Wah, MH, in 2004, and received his higher ordination as a High Priest in Hong Kong in 2009.

The Scripture Chanting Class gathers every Sunday for lessons, from scriptural appreciation to chanting and conducting of Taoist rituals. Lessons will be conducted in Mandarin and English, and rituals will be conducted in Cantonese.

Why learn chanting? We are able to appreciate the Taoist teachings through the study of the scriptures. The scriptures are the gateway to the wisdom of Taoism, and understand how Taoists view life, death, and the mysteries of the Universe. There is a Taoist saying: One can appreciate the Dao by studying the Scriptures, and One may understand the Scriptures through a Master. (道无经不传,经无师不明。)

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Members of the Quan Zhen Cultural Society at the 2017 Luotian Dajiao in Hong Kong


Scripture Practice

  • The Tutor-of-Rites will conduct all classes, and may also appoint another high priest to conduct the lessons.
  • Scriptures taught to the students include, but not limited to, the following:
    • Morning and Evening Rites (玄门早晚功课)
    • Qingwei Lidou Ritual (清微礼斗科)
    • Illuminating Lamps & Scattering of Flowers Ritual (关灯散花科)
  • Students may participate in the rituals together with the Ritual Team comprising of ordained Taoist priests.
    • Qingwei Lidou Ritual (清微礼斗科) if often used for blessing rites. Students may also recite the scripture for personal cultivation and practice.
    • The Ritual of Illuminating Lamps & Scattering of Flowers (关灯散花科) is often conducted at the wake of family members and close relatives. This ritual is also known as jie yuan(结缘) where the priests of the Society will gather for prayers at the wake.
  • If any family member or close relative of our students pass on,  the Society will arrange for the Ritual of Illuminating Lamps & Scattering of Flowers (关灯散花科) at the wake on one of the evenings before the funeral. This will be conducted at no cost to the student, and all other classmates are encouraged to join in the ritual.
  • Students may wish to join the class just  to appreciate the scriptures and learn the fundamentals of the rituals. They will not be requested to be initiated into the Taoist tradition.

Ritual Practice

  • Students of the Scripture Chanting Class who are keen to learn and preside over the rituals will undergoing further training to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Students must follow the tenets of Taoism and observe all regulations of the Taoist tradition.
  • Students will be taught Repentance Rites (拜忏), recitation of the Scriptures (诵经), and also the Rituals (科仪).
  • It is compulsory for students practicing the rituals to undergo the Initiation Rites and Ordination Ceremony.
  • Priests ordained at the Quan Zhen Cultural Society (Singapore) must obey the Singapore Law, regulations of the Taoist Quan Zhen Tradition, and rules in the Constitution of our Society.
  • Priests ordained at the Quan Zhen Cultural Society may not conduct rituals outside the Society without the consent of the Society’s President and the Tutor-of-Rites.
  • Only ordained Priests may preside over Taoist rituals.

Initiation Rites

  • The Initiation Rites will be conducted annually from 2018 for members who wish to be formal students of the Quan Zhen Dragon Gate Tradition.
  • All applications must be supported by the Tutor-of-Rites and approved by the Executive Committee of the Quan Zhen Cultural Society.
  • The Tutor-of-Rites shall preside over the religious proceedings of the Initiation Rites, and the President of the Society shall conduct the Entry Test* in the presence of all the applicants.
  • All successful applicants shall be ordained as Taoist Priests in the following year, on an auspicious date to be decided by the Tutor-of-Rites with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Ordination Ceremony

  • All applicants must pass the Entry Test* during the Initiation Ceremony.
  • A Taoist name will be decided by the Tutor-of-Rites according to the lineage of the Quan Zhen Tradition. Currently all applicants will be ordained as 35th generation of the Quan Zhen Longmen Tradition (since the Tutor-of-Rites is a 34th generation disciple), unless there are special circumstances.
  • The Presiding Officials of the Ordination Ceremony will comprise of (1) the Tutor-of-Rites, (2) the President of the Society, and (3) a distinguished guest who is a leader in the community or a distinguished Taoist Master.

Training of High Priests

  • Suitable candidates will undergo training to be promoted to Taoist High Priests, also known as gao gong (高功) Ritual Masters. 

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