be a Taoist Priest…

Have you received the divine calling to be a Taoist Priest?

We welcome you to join us in your spiritual journey to experience Taoism. Our Society follows the lineage of the Taoist Quan Zhen Tradition, also known as the ‘Way of Complete Perfection’.

The Tutor-of-Rites of our Society is Master Chung Kwang Tong (Wei Yi), a formal disciple of distinguished Hong Kong Taoist Master Leung Tak Wah.

Students who completed the Basic Chanting Class will be considered for ordination as Taoist priests of the Quan Zhen Longmen (Dragon Gate) Tradition. Read more about the ordination as Taoist Priests here.

Priests who mastered the skills and knowledge required to preside over key Taoist rituals may receive the higher ordination as Taoist High Priests, or ‘Gao Gong’ (高功). Read more about the ordination as Taoist High Priests here.

We look forward to seeking the Dao with you.

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