Welcome to the official website of the Quan Zhen Cultural Society (Singapore).

The Society was formed by a group of youth Taoist priests who are passionate in learning and promoting Taoism. The Society was established with the blessings of Master Leung Tak Wah, MH, who is the master and mentor to the founding Executive Committee Members.

The Quan Zhen Cultural Society conducts weekly lessons for students to learn the Taoist scriptures and also the Taoist rituals of the Taoist Quan Zhen Longmen (Complete Perfection Dragon Gate) Tradition. The rituals are conducted in Cantonese, following the lineage of the Fung Ying Seen Koon in Hong Kong. Lessons are conducted in Mandarin and English. The Society shall conduct Initiation Rites and Ordination Ceremonies annually for deserving students of the Scripture Chanting Class.

The Society shall also organise pilgrimages to sacred Taoist and cultural site in China for members to appreciate Taoism and the Chinese culture. Other activities include spiritual retreats and also participation in Taoist cultural events locally and outside Singapore. The Society will also serve the community and assist the underprivileged in our society, guided by the teachings of Taoism. Check out the objectives of the Society here.