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The Executive Committee (EXCO) is elected every two years. Only ordained priest of the Quan Zhen Tradition may join the Society as members with voting rights to vote and to be voted into the EXCO.

Third Term EXCO Members (2020-2022)

Chairman: Master Liu Wei Xing 刘惟星道长

Secretary-General: Master Chung Wei Yi 庄惟义道长

Treasurer: Master Chin Wei Xin 陈惟信道长

Committee Members:

Master Sim Wei Lian 沈惟廉道长

Master Choy Mao Xuan 蔡懋玄道长

Master Sim Mao Ji 沈懋吉道长

Master Ong Mao Ting 翁懋庭道长

Master Hor Mao Xin 何懋鑫道长

Master Yeap Mao Fang 叶懋方道长

Master Su Mao Yu 苏懋瑜道长

Master Kendrick Goh 吴懋杰道长